Gear Reviews On Vortex Razor Red Dot Sight

Gear Reviews On Vortex Razor Red Dot Sight
Optics at the top of Vortex’s line all share the name “Razor” and the company boldly claims that if their Razor Red Dot was a sports car, it would be a Ferrari. In our search for a reflex sight that is equally at home on both MOS pistols and ARs, we were very curious as to whether this description was an accurate indicator of the Razor Red Dot  Sight’s potential.

Are they right? Or have they put a Ferrari price on a Chevette?

The Razor’s overall length is 1.8” and weight is 1.4 ounces for just the sight and 2.5 ounces with the included picatinny mount. The single piece, aircraft grade aluminum alloy chassis is built to withstand both recoil and impact. An o-ring seal makes the Razor waterproof and dust proof. The matte finish is low glare.

The wide-field lens wears Vortex’s XR anti-reflective coating and ArmorTek scratch and stain resistant barrier. Adjustments are made in one-MOA increments with the turn of the included wrench. Adjustment points are located on the side and top of the optic for windage and elevation, with a locking screw at the rear of the sight. Maximum elevation adjustment is 170 MOA while max windage is 114 MOA.

There are two Razor Red Dot Sight options: a 3MOA dot and a 6MOA dot. Both have the same specs with a wide field of view. The dot color is adjustable-intensity bright red, though currently that is the only color option. There are nine brightness levels, all adjusted with the up and down arrows touch buttons just behind the glass. Eye relief is unlimited and the optic is a straight 1x-power, non magnification, parallax free.

Battery life with the included CR2032 is up to 150 hours at the highest setting. At low to mid-range powers, Vortex claims the sight will run up to 30,000 hours. Should you forget to shut it off, the 6-hour automatic shutdown will take care of it for you. The well-padded standard box packaging includes a picatinny rail mount and a spacer plate, both 1.5mm and 2.5mm hex adjustment wrenches, the sight’s cover and the necessary battery. Vortex logo branding is clear yet clean and classy. MSRP the red dot sight is $499 however online retailers list them for $399.

As always, the Vortex Warranty Guarantee cannot be beat—lifetime, unlimited, and unconditional. If you’re not already familiar with that, it translates to mean that Vortex will repair or replace your product—at no cost—whether it is defective or damaged, no matter what happened or what stupid thing you may have done to it.


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